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Interview With Jill Reinig

Wonder Valley Stories is pleased to publish this engaging interview with Wonder Valley

resident Jill Reinig. We asked Jill to write a short 'bio' as an introduction. Thank you to Gary Tufel for his interviewing skills and support, and to Jeff Barrett and Earth House Hold Studios for production and editing.

Jill Reining

I'm a lifelong Californian who escaped Orange County at 17 in search of somewhere I belonged. Damn, here it is almost 45 years later, and I'm living alone, down a dirt road in a remote part of the desert with my dogs. Wasn't my plan, but life happens.

Didn't exactly understand when I first arrived, but Wonder Valley exists for people like me who suddenly don't have many choices and are willing to put in the hard work, perseverance, and have empathy for others living on the fringe.

It's been an interesting, challenging experience.

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